Own. Earn. Conquer.

Introducing: Cryptoland.io - Kingdoms Will Rise.


This is your chance to own a digital game piece in a captivating new world.

Immerse yourself in a virtual universe and secure your very own digital game piece, unlocking endless adventures and possibilities.

  • By owning a Cryptopian Avatar (NFT), you become part of a distinguished class in CryptoLand society, setting yourself apart from others and establishing your individuality in the digital realm.
  • Each Cryptopian Avatar represents a distinct subclass, offering you a range of possibilities to explore and engage with different strategies and purposes.
  • ​With their own purpose and strategy for domination, you can unleash their unique abilities and leverage their specific strengths to navigate CryptoLand and maximize your success.
  • Owning a Cryptopian Avatar elevates your status within CryptoLand and becomes a symbol of prestige and recognition.
  • Each Cryptopian Avatar comes with its own distinctive traits and characteristics As you immerse yourself in CryptoLand society, you can unlock new abilities, enhance your avatar's capabilities, and witness its evolution over time.
  •  By aligning your avatar's objectives with your own, you can outmaneuver competitors, conquer challenges, and position yourself for success in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

Continue reading and discover your path to conquer new territories and claim victory...

Build Your Arsenal and Conquer CryptoLand with Unstoppable Power.


Assemble a formidable collection of cutting-edge digital weaponry, forging an arsenal that will solidify your position as a force to be reckoned with in the dynamic landscape of CryptoLand.

  • Forge, trade, or steal weapons and armor to bolster your pursuit of glory and wealth.
  • Raid neighboring kingdoms for opportunities to acquire enhanced gear, including incredibly rare Mythical and God-Tier items.
  • Strengthen your arsenal through forging, trading, and pilfering, equipping yourself with the means to conquer and prosper.

Assert Your Dominance and Secure Your Territory in the Vast Landscape of CryptoLand.

Unlock Bountiful Rewards: Harness the Power of Land to Earn Cryptopium, an Exclusive Currency Empowering Dynamic In-Game Actions and Unlocking Coveted Rewards, while Paving the Way for Future NFT Generations.

  • Plots of land in the newly terraformed region await your claim, presenting a chance for ownership and prosperity.
  • Each plot is meticulously assayed on a scale of 1 to 10, revealing the quality and abundance of Cryptopium ore it yields, guiding your strategic decision-making.
  • Acquire a plot with high-rated Cryptopium ore production, unlocking a lucrative pathway to wealth and success in the thriving CryptoLand ecosystem.

What is Cryptoland the game?

CryptoLand is a staking game with a unique blend of tokenization, NFTs, and Digital Game Pieces (DGPs).

  • NFTs: The CryptoLand NFTs will be among the first projects to launch on the XRP ledger. Initially we will be minting Land and Avatar NFTs. This will be quickly followed by NFT Loot Boxes, NFT Weapons, NFT Armor, as well as other NFT gear and EnhanceMINTS designed to enhance your game experience.
  • Land: There are 20,000 plots of Land NFTs in the newly terraformed region called CryptoLand. Each plot of land has been carefully assessed and graded for its richness and ability to produce Cryptopium, and to generate rent income from the tenant farmers who live on the land.
  • Avatars: There are 10,000 Avatars in CryptoLand. CryptoLand society is rigid and uncompromising and is divided into 5 classes and 18 subclasses ranging from lowly Miners up to Nobles, Queens, and mighty Kings.

Immerse Yourself in the Spellbinding Origin Story of CryptoLand.

 Where Boundless Possibilities Were Forged In The Crucible Of Innovation.


 Discover Our Revolutionary Gameplay Experience.

Step into a World Where Revolutionary Gameplay Awaits, Enchanting You with Unmatched Experiences and Limitless Possibilities.


Acquire Gameplay Assets and Forge Your Path to Victory

Unleash Their Unique Abilities to Conquer Challenges and Ascend to Greatness.

Option 1

Secure Your Avatar

  • Own the Avatar, a Catalyst for In-Game Actions That Unlock a Bounty of Rewards, including Rare NFT Weapons, NFT Armor, NFT Consumables, and our XRPL-based Currency, $CRYPTO.
  • Complete with an Airdropped CryptoLand Loot Box Key and an Exclusive CryptoLand Loot Box.

Option 2

Secure Your Land

  • Unlock the Coveted Cryptopium Rewards, Empowering Your Gameplay with Action-Packed In-Game Activities that Deliver Bountiful Rewards, while Paving the Way for the Next Wave of CryptoLand NFT Innovations.
  • Claim Your Piece and Receive an Airdropped Consumable Vial, Enhancing Your Adventures with Extraordinary Abilities.

Option 3

Secure Avatar + Land

  • Own the Avatar, a Catalyst for In-Game Actions That Unlock a Bounty of Rewards, including Rare NFT Weapons, NFT Armor, NFT Consumables, and our XRPL-based Currency, $CRYPTO.
  • Unlock the Coveted Cryptopium Rewards, Empowering Your Gameplay with Action-Packed In-Game Activities that Deliver Bountiful Rewards, while Paving the Way for the Next Wave of CryptoLand NFT Innovations.

The #1 NFT Community & Masterclass

Become an NFT Expert in no-time, master the art of finding wildly profitable NFT's before anyone else, and protect yourself from scams and hackers.

What you get:

  • NFT Opportunity Video
  • 5 NFT Deep Dive Videos
  • Tutorials on how to set up your accounts
  • Tutorials on how to buy & sell NFTs
  • 12 PDF Guides for how to do everything
  • How to stay safe and avoid scams
  • How to save money on gas fees
  • Recommended tools for success
  • NFT strategy & action plan

Total value $2,720

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Mike Leip

Mike has been an entrepreneur his whole life. Starting as a real estate investor with no money, he bought and sold millions of dollars of property before jumping into building internet businesses in 2009. Since then he’s created physical products, info products and software companies, but NOTHING compares to the opportunity that’s in front of us with NFTs. 

  • Creator of Panda Planner, an E-commerce startup that has done over $25 million in sales in just a few years
  • Game designer who has launched over 30 apps, collectively with over 20 million downloads
  • Crypto enthusiast since 2017 and is currently working full time in the NFT space
  • ​Now focused on building the #1 community in the NFT space, with HUGE plans for the future.

Join Us in The NFT Masterclass to get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate CryptoLand with Confidence: Explore our FAQ Section for Expert Answers.
+How long is the masterclass?

The course is just under 2 hours of video content over 21 videos (with more being added regularly!)

+ How long will I have access to the course?

Forever! Plus we'll give you access to updated versions of the course when we launch them in 2022.  

+ What kind of results can I expect?

We don't offer financial or investment advice, and thus we can't make any guarantees about your results. All I can do is show you what I'm doing and my opinions on the NFT market. We talk a lot in the course about being careful and not spending resources that you can't afford to lose. What you CAN expect is to know more than 95% of people about NFTs after you're done with the course!  

+ Is there a money back guarantee?

In the future when we charge for this, yes there will be a money back guarantee. But since it's free for you as an early member, there's no payment or credit card info needed. Just opt in and enjoy!  

+ How much time will I need to spend?

It's up to you. After you go through the course you can spend as much or as little time delving into the NFT market. I'd say each NFT purchase I make probably requires between 10-20 minutes of simple research (which I cover in the course).  

Earnings Disclaimer: NFTs, like all investments involve risk. We offer our opinions and educational information about what we are doing, but we do not offer financial or investment advice. As always, do your own research and do not spend money that you can’t afford to lose.

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